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Parking Space Media helps brands sell by reminding your customers of your product, right on the parking lines in the parking lot, just before they spend their money. Studies show that 68% of purchases are impulse and that 68% of consumers are brand switchers. Advertising on the lines in the parking lot leaves a strong and lasting impression as shoppers enter a store. We want to work in tandem with other media and help remind the audience of more detailed advertising seen elsewhere. With 1/3 of all US adults owning a smart phone, brands are using today’s technology (QR codes, Snap Tags, NFC chips and texting) more and more to inspire, engage and educate consumers. Parking Space Media will deliver your brand with pin point accuracy and these technologies right on the doorstep to purchase……..on the parking lines in the parking lots.

· The stripes improved Colorado Lottery sales 23% during a small jackpot. It is such a brilliant idea. They were certainly noticed, talked about and drove sales. We intend to use them for other products down the road. -Brian Haldorson - AB Petroleum (the c-store owner where stripes were down)

Parking Space Media lets you be relevant locally and in real time. One size does not fit all in today’s marketing world and everyone should be marketed to individually and locally. We make this happen by using the available real estate in parking lots across the world! No other traditional medium gets this close and is this accurate in reaching a company’s target market. Any brand can have as broad or narrow a reach as you want. You name the state, region, city, town, zip code, store or building…it’s your call! When all is said and done, we recognize that what matters most is what happens next.....not just now!

· Parking Space Media is the perfect product to insure your campaign makes that final appeal prior to a consumer purchase. It is the final and perfect time to capture impulse purchases as consumers are heading into the store. This company executes as expected, on time and on budget. I would recommend them to everyone. - Heather Armstrong – Acct. Mgr. Posterscope

Parking Space Media’s patent pending, self-adhesive, vinyl stripes are fully customizable, thus enabling clients to change their advertisements based on a particular shopping season, promotion, grand opening, product launch, etc. We connect ALL the dots right in the sweet spot......the store parking lot.

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