DOmedia’s mission is to simplify the process of finding, planning, buying & selling alternative, traditional and digital out-of-home media. Advertisers & agencies can use our extensive & comprehensive database of properties owned by media sellers to find new ideas, plan & even build the perfect out-of-home campaign. DOmedia has developed a network of partners to provide a complete solution for both buy-side and sell-side users.

AMI Graphics is a full service, Grand Format media company specializing in the design and production of sports and major event signage nationwide. We manufacture all manner of large format graphics for sports franchises, stadiums, race tracks, colleges, and major special events-in both fixed and temporary venues.

Blue Bite is a leading mobile marketing solutions provider bridging place-based media, including some of the largest and well-known Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) networks and the mobile phone.  Blue Bite employs a combination of leading-edge mobile technologies to virtually deliver any digital media content (images, videos, audio, etc) within targeted geographic locations.  Mobile marketing opportunities from Blue Bite include QR codes, WaP, WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Applications, and SMS.

Established in 1993, Carroll Media Services, Inc. provides third party audits, quality control, and custom research in the Outdoor Advertising, Promotions, and In-Store / Retail and Movie industries. In addition, Carroll Media Services monitors 24 US markets monthly for OOH Advertising and maintains the OutdoorAdVault, the most current and comprehensive Out-of-Home Media image database available with over 115,000 images.

InnerWorkings is a leading provider of global print management solutions. InnerWorkings leverage technology and information to eliminate layers of expense from the print supply chain – from point of sale to direct mail to promotional items. The company is a partner in maximizing budgets and providing brand oversight in every corner of the globe.

LocaModa is a place-based social media company. LocaModa uses social media as a way of building value inside of digital place-based advertising networks and signage platforms. LocaModa is licensed by the worlds largest and most well respected networks. These networks use LocaModa to turn their media communication into interactive dialogues, as well as monetize this value in the form of LocaModa advertising revenue. is the premier marketplace for buying and selling print advertising. Advertisers and publications can interact to buy and sell advertising in a wide-variety of print media (newspapers, magazines, journals, directories, shoppers, newsletters, trade magazines, college newspapers and direct mail) using patented online tools.


Developed by NEC Display Solutions, an award-winning leader in the digital signage industry, VUKUNET is an automated ad delivery platform for digital out-of-home media, allowing owners of screen networks located in public venues to earn revenue by showing advertisements. The completely web-based platform introduces the first universal inventory management, ad delivery, billing and payment, and reporting system to an industry that has had almost no standardization across literally hundreds of operating networks.


Telmar is a world-wide leading supplier of media advertising software and services used for reach, frequency and optimization. Telmar’s 10,000 users across 85 countries include many of the world’s leading advertising agencies, digital and print publishers, broadcasters and advertisers.

– Advertisers and Advertising Agencies: Telmar provides software for survey analysis, data integration, media planning and optimization and more.

Digital and Print Publishers, Broadcasters and Outdoor Operators: Telmar offers the ability to collect, store and manage media research for media planning, media sales, revenue management and optimization.

Reach & Frequency APIs available for building Targeted Data and Display