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Welcome to Digi-VUE Advertising - Experts in Digtial Signage Solutions - SAAS and digital advertising network

In this day and age when everyone is always on the go, do you want to reach the general consumers?

Digi-VUE Advertising has the largest indoor digital out-of-home advertising network in Northern Los Angeles County. Last year, we have delivered over 7,000,000 impressions and our locations have estimate foot traffic of 300,000 per month. We have growing network of 60 digital signage strategically located in consumer and service businesses all over Northern Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County. We have salons, dental clinics, real estate offices, car wash, restaurants, fitness centers and more in our digital network. These places are great venue for advertising as wide range of customers stays in this place for long period of time. Placing our digital signage inside businesses and shops with high foot traffic and staying time allows advertising to achieve maximum exposure and be more effective.

Digi-VUE Advertising allows you to demographically pick and choose your advertising digital sign locations. A fully customized marketing experience allows you to approach your advertising campaign with a program that puts you in control, advertising to whom you need to, when you need to! The technique of digital signage proves to be easy on the budget and a powerful impact in the community.  Improve your sales and build your brand name recognition now!

Digi-VUE Advertising digital signage software utilize the latest technology in signage hardware and software with Auto on and Off features, full systems check and health reports. Our Digital Signage software allows Social Media Integration such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yammer. This makes updates displayed in REAL time and Hassle Free! And what makes us your best choice? Our software provides Audience Measurement Integration which is a Facial Recognition System that collects anonymous data from the audiences. This allows our system to generate report about the length of viewing time, age group, gender and reaction of its audiences!!! and if you need more, we also offers Proximity Marketing Platform offers with our the use of Free Wifi technology. Contact us for more information on how this FREE Wifi Hotspot can grow your business with social media. 

These are just few of what our digital signage solution software can do:
  • Display Flash Files
  • Display HTML & FTP
  • Display Website feeds
  • Display Interactive Polls
  • Display Interactive Trivia
  • Display Interactive Games
  • Display LIVE countdowns
  • Display REAL TIME Clock
  • Display REAL TIME Weather
  • Display LIVE Twitter feeds
  • Display LIVE Yammer feeds
  • Display LIVE Instagram feeds
  • Display LIVE Facebook  feeds
  • Audience Measurement Integration
  • Scheduled Automatic On & Off
  • Automatic Power Reboot
  • Upload Tickers & RSS feeds
  • Upload Slideshows
  • Upload Videos
  • Upload Photos
  • Stream U-Stream
  • Stream Youtube
  • Bar Code Scan
  • RFID Scan

Digi-VUE Advertising is a FULL-ADVERTISING AGENCY. We can help boost your branding with contents and improve client's experience! Our industry professionals can help you with:
  • Website Creation
  • Video Creation
  • Photo Shoot
  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Online Social Media Content Creation
  • App Development
  • UX Design (User Experience)
  • Software Integration & Development
  • Advertising Copyright
  • Special Effects
  • Documentary & Interview Style Content Creation
  • Event Coverage


Digi-VUE Advertising is an advertising agency and signage company in Los Angeles County. We have the following certifications:
  • Department of General Services as a Small Business (SBE)
  • City of Los Angeles Contract Administration Small Local Business (SLB)
  • Department of General Services Office of Small Business and Veterans Business Enterprise Services as Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Local Business Enterprise (LBE).
  • Harbor Certification of VSBE from City of Los Angeles Bureau of Contract Administration (SLB)

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