Hey, media buyers:
That stuff you hate?
Let us do that stuff.
The largest agencies use DOmedia software for their out-of-home media; from planning to production, from concept to completion.
Why Media Professionals Love DOmedia
Media professionals use DOmedia to do more of what makes them great – researching locations, evaluating vendors and targeting audiences – in less time. Automation helps advertising experts reclaim valuable hours once lost to emails and spreadsheets.
Why Agencies and Brands Choose DOmedia
Media teams use DOmedia to shift from low-value work – like data transcription and vendor communication – to high-value work that generates business, awards and long-term success. Focus on strategy and creativity, let our tech handle the rest.
A taste of what we do:
  • Contact 1,400+ Media Suppliers
  • Search 1M+ Media Assets
  • Real-Time Availability
  • 3rd Party Audience Data
  • Programmatic & Traditional Media
  • Maps, Excel & PowerPoint
  • Specs & Photosheets
  • Send and Manage RFPs
  • E-Sign Client Authorizations
  • Create and Manage Contracts
  • Client / Brand Management Tools
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Campaign Flight Visualization
  • Creative / Posting Management
  • Print / Production Automation
  • Proof-of-Performance
  • Financial / Billing Integration
  • Identify / Manage Discrepencies
  • Historical Rate Analysis
  • Business Insights Dashboard
  • Honestly, it's too much to list...
If you need it, we almost certainly do it.
(the answer is "yes," just tell us the question)