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Leonard and Co. Inc

5199 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 305
Long Beach, CA  90804

Founded in 1962, Leonard & Co., Inc. develops, owns and operates traditional billboards throughout Northern California, Nevada and Utah. In 1994 Leonard & Co., Inc. developed its first wallscape on the Venice Beach Boardwalk for Snapple. This location was so successful for Snapple they kept it as a permanent showing for over ten years.

Over the years Leonard & Co., Inc. added additional wallscape locations on the Venice Beach Boardwalk as well as other showings in key areas of the Los Angeles market. Advertisers such as Anheuser Busch, BMW, Nike, Nissan, Samsung and Verizon Wireless have employed these locations as part of their national advertising campaigns. Advertisers frequently take advantage of these distinctive wallscapes for special opportunity showings and event marketing placements.

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