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Flat Ads Worldwide LLC

8871 W. Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, CA  89147

Flat Ads are the newest form of Out-of-Home Advertising. Flat Ads are placed on almost any outdoor flat surfaces such as supermarkets, shopping malls, movie theaters, convention centers, airports, sidewalks, bike paths, roads, mass transit sites, sports venues, hotels, restaurants, casinos, parking lots or any ground structures.

Flat Ads Ground Billboards are located at the front door, outside of the establishments on the ground where people actually walk in and out over your advertisement. They are an amazing way to advertise to consumers.

We currently have thousands of locations under contract in the US, including the Las Vegas Convention Bureau.

Indoor and Outdoor in high traffic areas.

FlatAds Billboard locations are ready for your brand. With millions of people seeing them,
right in front of them as they begin their shopping experience. Your message will get
amazing attention, as the buying decision is being made, by using FlatAds!
Locations at select properties.
We have high traffic locations like the entrances to shopping centers, grocery stores,
restaurants, c-stores and inside major malls. Flat Ads are permission based ads.
Millions of People.
FlatAds are right in front of the buying public. Giving your brand a lasting impression
when people are about to spend their money. Putting your message where buying
decisions are being made.

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SBA (Small Business Administration)

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