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151 W 19th Street
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New York, NY  10011

We have coverage in 21 of the top DMAs.  Simply put, we have junior poster display units at national supermarkets, a variety of retailersc-stores and high trafficked retail venues across the country (our partnerships are exclusive so no competitive clutter!).

Our posters are strategically located in high-commute locations resulting in even greater impressions (near metro stops, highways, heavy trade/shopping districts etc.).  Some of our panels are also placed in some neighborhoods where billboard units are zoned out.

Key highlights:
>> Seamless Integration – We are a great add on to any existing digital, in-store, or print campaign and as discussed, we communicate directly to  your  consumers. 
>> Unparalleled Touch-Point
>> Multiple Impressions
>> Targeted and scalable delivery
>> Dynamic creative capabilities 

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