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Aarrow Advertising

11440 N. Chandler Blvd.
Suite 1200
Los Angeles, CA  91601

AArrow is a company founded by Sign Spinners, for Sign Spinners. After starting as sign holders back in 1999, we merged our extreme sports backgrounds with the desire to be the center of attention. The result was a new advertising medium that is nearly impossible to ignore. Every AArrow Sign Spinner is trained to perform hundreds of tricks and endless combinations, instantly creating a stage for this new-age type of performance. AArrow takes pride in the ability to create a one-on-one advertising experience with each person that passes, delivering what no other form of advertising can: eye contact and a smile.

Our commitment to our people results in providing superior service to our clients. AArrow allows advertisers to place their messages anywhere, anytime, creating the most cost-effective marketing solutions possible. AArrow Sign Spinners can work by themselves, or be spin-tegrated into a multi-element campaign.

We view our AArrow Sign Spinners as the stars of our company, our most important assets, and the future of our business. AArrow is committed to creating well-paying job opportunities for youth all over the world, harnessing their energy and creativity to make millions of people smile each day.

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