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570 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY  10018

The original concept for Submedia was simple--turn miles of dark subway walls into revenue for transit systems while entertaining passengers and providing advertisers with a high-impact medium. Based on the idea of the circular 19th century children's toy called a Zoetrope, the system would use movement to turn a light box with static images into a motion picture outside of the train's window.

From this concept, Submedia has unwittingly created In-tunnel display systems that use the speed of the trains to turn static images into a motion picture. Since the first installation in Atlanta in 2001, the latest displays have evolved to deliver near digital quality picture and resolution. Advertisers can now repurpose television commercials in the out of home advertising market while reaching a captive and engaged audience.

The displays themselves have also evolved moving above ground with the recent addition of walking displays. Using the same idea as in-tunnel displays with some engineering tweaks, these interactive and engaging displays use the movement of walking to drive motion pictures. As viewers walk along the display, a movie follows them, matching their speed.

Submedia's network of 37 displays span 15 cities, 9 countries and 3 continents, with new displays going up in three of the remaining four continents. Nearly every major global advertiser in every major category has graced the tunnel walls and sidewalks that reach millions of people in a single day through this innovative, high-recall medium.

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