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Tiffany Outdoor

68 Saddle Hill Road
Stamford, CT  06903

Tiffany Outdoor was established in 2007 with focuses on  developmental sales and management for the Hispanic market, upscale and leisure travel market, general market and multicultural markets locally and nationally.

Tiffany Outdoor  provides large format  OOH, specializing in the Hispanic and multi-ethnic markets. By selling Laundromat advertising locally, region, customized locally, regionally  and nationally, Tiffany Outdoor is able to create campaigns to meet the needs of advertisers.
Additionally, Tiffany Outdoor represents branded pedicabs, various college properties, wrapped turnstiles,  and ferries  for the East Coast, Chicago and Dallas, and our newest tactic-cobranded pizza box toppers!
Check out our for other campaigns that we have successfully executed.
We pride ourselves on the care and service that we provide to our advertisers for our campaigns.
We use the finest materials to present the "Tiffany Look" and our company continues to grow-as more advertisers and partners appreciate the expertise that we bring to the table.

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