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High Exposure, Inc.

675 Henry Decinque Blvd
Woodbine Airport #5
Woodbine, NJ  08270

High Exposure, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading aerial advertising companies flying some of the largest billboards in the country. Our success is based on our FOCUS-- aerial advertising! With over 24 years of flight experience and 15 years in the industry, we have the knowledge necessary to provide exceptional service.

Whether it’s a simple skywriting or an aerial branding program, our team of marketers, pilots and production experts stand ready to be of service to you.

We look forward to introducing you to the exciting world of High Exposure's aerial media!

We would like to tell you that because our staff is so courteous and caring and because our service is so effective that if you utilize High Exposure once, you will want to use us forever. But we can't, because that would be a lie... Nobody can live forever.

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