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Traffic Displays

9363 South Grow Road
Greenville, MI  48838

Traffic Displays is the leader in providing mobile advertising solutions in Chicago, Detroit, throughout Midwest and eastern half of the U.S. Our high quality products and unmatched industry experience provide our customers with service that is second to none. We are the only single source provider of alternative outdoor advertising products that include: Mobile Billboard Trucks, Mobile Billboard Trailers, Floating Billboard Advertising Boat, Aerial Billboard Advertising, and Street Team Advertising with Ad-Bikes and/or Scooter Billboards. Traffic Displays will deliver your message to your target audience anytime, anywhere by land, air or water. Traffic Displays is an owner/operated business dedicated to providing a one stop out-of-home solution to our clients with unmatched quality and service at a fair price. Our facilities in Chicago and Grand Rapids allow us to efficiently dispatch our fleet to cities in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio and beyond. Our experienced staff of professionals is ready to meet your non-traditional advertising goals.

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