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Straptup Inc.

Straptup Box Truck Billboards from Straptup Box Truck Billboards® on Vimeo.

Building a brand? Promoting an event? Selling a product or service? 

Introducing Straptup Box Truck Billboards. 
Straptup is a tech infused outdoor advertising company that puts Massive advertisements on delivery box trucks. Our vehicles are already on the road, driving consistent, high exposure routes through the the most congested and densely populated areas of every city. Tell us where you'd like your ad to be seen, and we'll match your campaign with the perfect trucks that serve the geographic markets you select. 
Backed with a cutting edge member dashboard, Straptup provides unmatched transparency allowing you to monitor every aspect of your campaign including up to date, gps based vehicle tracking. With Straptup you'll always know where and when your ads are being seen.
With an average cost per thousand impressions of around $.20 to $1, a Straptup Box truck billboard is one of the most cost effective new forms of reach media. For a fraction of your monthly ad budget, run a straptup campaign and generate REAL impressions, from REAL people, directly in the communities you serve. 
In todays skip ahead, swipe away, and tune out world of advertising, there no avoiding, ignoring or escaping a Straptup box truck billboard.
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