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Mobile HWY Advertising

CO  80550

Mobile Hwy Ads Brand Advertising Placement Program creates a marvelous strategic partnership between Mobile Hwy Advertising, Advertising Brand Marketers and the specific Trucking Fleets. The program contractually enables Advertising Brands to expand its advertising onto American's highways and cities with no ongoing investment and gain the extraordinary benefits of the lowest CPM in the out of home space. Giving Brands access to traveling consumers and trucking fleet valuable Media Assets.

Top 250 DMA's have full Coverage

Mobile Hwy Advertising Media Network provides a cost effective Worldwide advertising medium using Semi Tractor Trailer and ECO Friendly Wind Skirts.

  • 9 Regions
  • Full Printing Capabilities
  • In-house Art Department
  • Full Color Graphics
  • UV stable inks
Why people choose us?
  • 81,000+ Trucks/Trailers in Network
  • 50+ Nationwide Service Centers
  • Smart Count, GPS POP Tracking
  • 3,000 Master Certified Installers
  • Two Printing Plants
  • Daily Inspections
  • Eye Level advertising
  • CPM Under $1.00 Guaranteed

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