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Stop and Stare Mobile Media

1315 Blondell Ave
Bronx, NY  10461-2620

Stop and Stare Mobile Media is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry of mobile marketing services. How we represent your brand or your clients advertisement is just one of our passions. Just one thing that separates us from other billboard companies is our fleet of GPS tracked trucks. Every truck that Stop and Stare Media owns is identical in appearance. Each vehicle, freshly painted  in black and immaculately clean is how we want  your advertisement displayed and remembered. Stop and Stare Media offers flexible campaign options and even 45-60 day payment terms for approved vendors. 

Our Campaigns vary from one day to 12 months, we offer Aerial Advertising, Backpack Billboard Campaigns, Flat Panel Billboard Campaigns, Scrolling Billboard Campaigns and Street Team Flyer Distribution. Pricing is subject to frequency and other variables..
Our mission statement is simply to deliver your message as you anticipated while making your interaction with our team pleasant from start to finish. The next time you have a mobile billboard campaign call the leaders at Stop and Stare.

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