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Roots Media, Inc.

1100 South Coast Hwy
Suite 318
Laguna Beach, CA  92651

Roots Media Inc. is a full-service non-traditional media and experiential marketing company built on the principals of innovation, positive consumer engagement and lifestyle integration that drives consumer behavior. We identify, create and maintain place-based media networks and consumer engagement opportunities that bring brands to life in the heart of the community. These innovative marketing tactics produce memorable brand engagements in ways that resonate beyond the point-of-purchase. 

The Goal of Roots Media Inc. 
To deliver targeted, measurable and consistent marketing opportunities and strategies allowing brands to reach their specific target geo-demographics within any DMA across the country, delivering maximum ROI and marketing performance.
Indoor advertising, Experiential marketing, Hispanic marketing, Outdoor advertising, Out-of-home media, Multicultural marketing, BTL activations

“Roots Media has provided exceptional performance and very transparent communication throughout all our campaigns. VCP and feedback we receive from you have always been amazing. If we ever run into an issue on our end, Roots Media has always supported us and provided solutions wherever and whenever they can. The one thing I appreciate the most about working with Roots Media is that you guys are always there—an email or phone call away. You are always available and willing to work with us through anything. Roots Media is one of our top vendors to work with as you make campaigns exceptionally easy to execute and stay on top of it from start to finish.”

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