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30 Second Ads

5295 Town Center Road Suite 400
Boca Raton, FL  33486

30 Second Ads is a premier provider of digital and static advertising based resources used to benefit and promote businesses in a variety of categories.  Our ability to reach “on-the-go” customers, coupled with our value enhanced structure, provides a unique and competitive advantage.   We are positioned to meet your growing needs in the most cost effective manner available today.
30 Second Ads works both “Inside” (in your location) and “Outside” (in the market) making sure your message is consistently heard loud and clear.  We provide opportunities that enhance customer experience and ultimately increase sales.  We meet your objectives; from in-store promotions, to outside advertising.  30 Seconds Ads provides access to potential customers in some of the country’s most prestigious, busy, and well known venues.
30 Second Ads is quickly becoming one of the leading indoor digital signage companies in the country.  We own and control billboards in a collection of world class venues scattered throughout the USA and located within the top and most desirable Direct Marketing Areas (DMA's).

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