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Paired Media

New York, NY  10016

Hello! We’re Paired Media.

We're a fun startup that built an awesome new media platform in the Out-of-Home and direct marketing spaces.

Before we started Paired Media, we had over 350 convos with media planners and buyers.
These are media people like you. In fact, if you were one of them, thank you. We learned about your pain points, your likes and dislikes. We listened for what you needed. Then we translated it into a product and solution that made sense. So you can sort of say that this company was built by you.

With your help, we launched our signature product, a high quality, individually packaged scented towelette, about the size of an iPhone. They're actually liked by consumers because they're useful items native to the mealtime experience.

We naturally questioned convention, so we do some things differently. For example, we don't count impressions. We go for engagements. And we're kind of nerdy, so we use a smarter data blend for targeting.

Our culture is pretty unique too. We don't wine and dine our buyers. Instead, we organize volunteer events for clients, so we can give back together. The money we save on booze and fancy dinners goes toward feeding the homeless, often from the restaurants we're already partnering with.

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