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Les Racquet

Les Racquet is a road band, born in NYC, building a reputation in musicality and energy. Songwriting that seeks to grab crowds with the melody, massage ears with the harmony and occasionally venture into spontaneous, courageous and sometimes dangerous realms of improvisation: yet it still feels safe. The band brings the audience along like the arc of a good narrative. The audience is the subject, Les Racquet is the author, the room is the plot and the music is the grammar.

Promotional opportunities include (but are not limited to):

  • Premier placement in digital and social media properties.  (LR social properties reach more than 10,000 unique fans, and our newsletter is sent to 2,000 people with a 45% open rate.)
  • Mobile advertising space on van and/or trailor.
  • Integration into live set -- eg banners, stickers, and other merch-table considerations.
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