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Outdoor Solutions Group, INc.

60 East 42nd Streett
New York, NY  10165

Outdoor Solutions Group represents NY Waterway. NY Waterway media consists of buses which operate exclusively in the Manhattan business district, Illuminated Diorama displays (bus shelter-size units) in NY waterway ferry terminals in Manhattan and New Jersey and Wrapped Ferry's which operate around the Island of Manhattan.
NY Waterway  operates a fleet of 30 ferries primarily as a water borne commuter service for New Jersey residents who work in Manhattan.
Concurrently, NY Waterway operates a fleet of 50 buses for their customers, whose route structure exclusively honeycombs the Manhattan business district. The fleet is supported with 5 primary terminals: World Financial Center, Midtown West 39th Street, Hoboken, Belford (Lower bay/Atlantic Highlands area and Port Imperial at Weehawken.

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