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Imagic, Inc

2810 N Lima St
ATTN Jan McDaniel
Burbank, CA  91504

Imagic serves tmedia companies and creative agencies thoughout  the US  with industry leading OOH production and project management. Imagic's work can be seen on  transit vehicles, in transit stations, airports, medical centers, amusement parks, universities, bus shelters, billboards and wallscapes -  anything that needs a beautiful image.  Imagic's state-of-the art equipment  includes  three HP 3000's and a new Truepress Jet flatbed.  Imagic can print on vinyl, fabric, styrenes, card stocks  and even wood up to 1.9"  thick.  Imagic has a network of 3M certified installers throughout the US.  Imagic's roots as a color retouching studio for the motion picture industry have carried through to exceptional color quality.  Our products and production are eco-friendly.

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