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Universal Media, LLC

PO Box 68
Heber City, UT  84032

Universal Media - Pioneers in OOH Shopping Mall Media

Universal Media is an out of home media company that specializes in shopping center advertising. As pioneers in shopping center advertising, we have 30+ years of experience in OOH media. Mall advertising offers advertisers to place their brand, message, product or service in front of millions of consumers with expendable income.

The Shopping mall is one of the most dynamic environments anywhere and often
the most frequently visited destinations in communities. Universal Media gives
advertisers the perfect opportunity to “Catch shoppers in an information gathering state of mind”. Mall advertising allows retailers, local businesses, national campaigns and retail products to reach
out to the mass audience in the common areas of the mall.

Universal Media’s shopping center advertising network is designed to reach a diverse audience of on-the-go shoppers. Universal Media engages consumers every month at a time when they are most receptive to advertising messages. Our Mall Network connects the community and its people and is a destination for Shoppers. As a result, Shoppers frequently visit our cneters an average of 2.5 times each month spending in excess of ninety minutes upon each visit.
Much like commercial television, radio or the Internet, Shopping Centers draw mass audiences to a common point where brands can efficiently communicate their message; but that is where most similarities end. Unlike television, radio or traditional print advertising the shopping center is a point of purchase advertising vehicle where consumers can be carried on a wave of interest or enthusiasm generated by the brand message and convert that message immediately into a buying event. Even the mass commerce potential of the Internet is still just potential for most products and does not close the gap between advertising touch point and instant gratification the way a shopping center can. Also, the Internet, and increasingly radio, television and traditional print, are solitary media and do not readily allow consumers to collectively come into contact with a brand message and build off each others’ experience.
As a stand-alone medium, or when combined with other advertising mediums (i.e., radio, print, television, cable, Internet, other outdoor), These other advertising mediums can be significantly enhanced when UMN’s mall medium is added to broaden the media mix, adding new dimensions to a campaign.
UMN is a cost-efficient means to promote a business or brand on a local or national level.

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