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The AroundCampus Group

88 VilCom Center Drive
Ste 160
Chapel Hill, NC  27514


The AroundCampus Group specializes in college media and marketing solutions for local, regional, and national brands. Our services include:

  • college campus promotions
  • brand ambassadors
  • print and digital advertising in exclusive on-campus publications
  • on-campus ad media coverage
  • experiential marketing creation and production
  • student feedback services
  • product sampling
  • AND social media integration in all aspects of our college marketing campaigns.

The college demographic is uniquely valuable because students are making buying decisions independently from their parents, often for the first time, in college. Reaching the college market both during back-to-school season as well as throughout the school year and in anticipation of graduation are fantastic investments in building your customer base for decades to come.

The AroundCampus Group has spent the past 40 years dedicated explicitly to the college market - a duration unmatched by any other company in the industry.  Every year, we hire and train over 650 sales and marketing college student interns to support our campus media division. We fly each of these interns to Chapel Hill, NC for a week-long professional sales and marketing training experience.  This up-front investment in the professionalism and capabilities of each student marketer is ultimately reflected in the level of services we're able to provide our clients as we execute campus marketing campaigns at colleges and universities across the United States.

We customize every aspect of every campus marketing campaign to each customer, because we know each brand has a unique message that has to be distributed in unique ways.

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