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(N. Suburb of Dallas)
924 Crestmoor Dr.
Allen, TX  75013

‘Logos In Motion Inc.’ is a unique Mobile Billboard company that provides businesses with measurable, out-of-home advertising opportunities through non-traditional methods at low cost to the advertiser.


With our truck, the scrolling billboard motion is at eye-level and easily captures people's attention while delivering messages in a fun and memorable way. Because our truck is so innovative, it offers a truly unique way to gain that “WOW” factor. 

Instead of being limited to a particular street corner or a small stretch of highway, we go where the customers go. ‘Logos In Motion’ is the only outdoor advertising company in North Texas who can increase your exposure directly in the eyes of the people within your targeted area. Our unique vehicle has a distinctive presence all its own - which helps insure viewers will notice your ad. 

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