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SafeTbox, Inc
1876 Horse Creek Road
Cheyenne, WY  82009

The newest in OOH Advertising, and the perfect opportunity to capitalize on one of those feel-good, do-good, and make-out-good type of campaigns. Introducing, SafeTbox.

SafeTbox has arrived in the USA and is pairing up with todays top brands, and up and coming brands, to assist with increasing sales, market share, and becoming the ultimate way to gain the competition advantage in the top sought-after markets across the globe. 

How many times have you navigated from the beach bar to the volleyball court, to the water, while realizing “Man, if I only had a place to put my wallet, my sunglasses, my watch!” 

SafeTbox offers that solution, by providing convenient, portable, security for your personal valuables. Securely placed on umbrellas, cabanas, golf carts, trees, and flat surfaces, the SafeTbox campaign not only protects against theft, loss, and damage of valuables, but offers incredible exposure for your brand to reach thousands of guests per month! 

Each location carries approximately 100 SafeTbox units. Sponsor 12 weeks, or up to 12 months. Costs start at just $1.50 per unit per day. Switch up your brands, your marketing messages, and where your complimentary QR code gets linked to. All campaigns include press releases, and social media advertising as well. Your brand will be known as an official sponsor for that market, helping to make each community a safer and happier place to have fun in! 



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