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Digital Caddies - The Player's Network

The Player's Network
15210 North Scottsdale Road Suite 305
Scottsdale, AZ  85254

Digital Caddies', The Players Network is a Digital Out Of Home Network that has an audience of affluent consumers and provides unprecedented dwell time utilizing interactive android tablets. Digital Caddies can help you access the 27 million+ golfers in North America with timely, relevant and executable information at the most opportune time.

During the work day the affluent consumer is engaged with business issues.  We help agencies and brands make emotional connections when the affluent consumer is most receptive to your message – on the golf course.  We help you reach them when they are opened and relaxed.  We focus on creating emotional interactions so that we can drive behavior and leave lasting emotional impact.

Our audience includes the super influencers in finance, business and senior Management.  In addition they are very influential among their peers and they associate with other super influencers.  Our audience has the highest net worth, highest income, they are highly educated, “buyers of the Best” and the most affluent and influential in society.
Golfers engage with our 10.1" screen installed on golf carts throughout their entire round of golf to seek relevant content for playing the game of golf.  Their regular interaction gives the advertiser plenty of opportunity to engage the golfer over a 4.5 hour time-frame. 

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