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2245 Camino Vida Robles, Suite 100
Carlsbad, CA  92011

SkoolLive owns and operates a network of "on-high-school-campus" kiosks and provides them to School Partners at ZERO cost. The Kiosks are 60" portrait, high-definition, touch-sensitive screens housed in a 7-foot tall frame looking much like a giant iPhone. The Kiosks are installed in high-traffic campus locations and are securely wall mounted. The center section of the screen is used by the Schools as a digital bulletin board. SkoolLive takes on the role as Partnership Advocate, selling the top and bottom sections of the screen to both local and national advertisers. A limited inventory of full-screen ads are also available. SkoolLive shares all advertising revenue with the participating Schools.
SkoolLive, a nationwide, on-campus digital network exists to provide Schools with the technology required to move forward into the digital landscape and connect with both Students and Parents in a new way. SkoolLive is the daily destination for informative, interesting and engaging content that positively inspires and excites youth culture. SkoolLive advocates for local high schools to generate advertising revenue that supports ongoing Programs and creates new opportunities for Students.

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