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Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital Outdoor Advertising
349 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10016

Independent Digital Network -- Flexible digital solutions that can't be turned off.

  • “The Independent Digital Outdoor Network” will provide advertisers with the most cost effective way to target consumers on their path to purchase.
  • Premiere Locations – Most of the independently owned digital billboards have been passed down from generation to generation and feature some of the best locations in each of their respective cities.
  • Flexibility – We will customize your media plan by market, by flight dates, by daypart and by location. Nomore 28 day minimums and/or forced network buys!
  • One Invoice – You will receive one invoice for all of the independently owned digital billboards across all markets that are utilized in your media plan.
  • Creative Execution – Simply send your creative to the IDON drop box - and we will manage the delivery process to each of the respective digital billboards.
  • Accountability – Your point person will be fully responsible for providing you with a complete fulfillment report and/or contract summary report for each and every media plan.
Proud Certificate Holder of Women's Business Enterprise 
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