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Baltimore Washington Billboards

1360 Ritchie Hwy
Arnold, MD  21012

Mobile Billboards

In today's cluttered environment, it is easy to ignore advertising messages. But not when they drive right by you on a distinctive Baltimore Washington Billboard! Just imagine your larger than life size ad driving through your target market on a beautiful, gleaming mobile billboard truck.

Unique and Memorable

The medium is the message and Baltimore Washington Billboards makes sure it is a unique one. Our trucks are glistening from top to bottom and we deliver your message, "where you want, when you want." In addition, we perform adequate research to design routes and provide a successful advertising campaign.

More Exposure

With Baltimore Washington Billboards, your exposure is phenomenal. We travel peak times crowds are our friends. At dusk, our trucks are illuminated. Nobody will miss us; we make sure of it. Our trucks deliver nothing but your message to thousands of targeted customers every day.

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