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Star Toilet Paper

251 W. 39th St
12th Floor
New York, NY  10018

We use toilet paper as a unique, eye-catching platform for advertising your business. By providing this toilet paper to large public venues absolutely free of charge, we are able to place your marketing message in one of the last remaining distraction free environments and truly cut through the clutter.


  1. Zero Competition
    • We allow you to blacklist your competitors so that you'll be the only company of your type on our roll.
  2. Trackability
    • People love using their phones on the toilet. It's a simple fact of life. By using QR Codes and SMS Text technologies, we can not only allow you to engage with consumers, but track the effectiveness of your message.
  3. Get Noticed
    • Ad blindness is at an all time high; 89% of people don't even notice ads anymore. Our ads have demonstrated incredible effectiveness and produce a reach and frequency that's tough to match.

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