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World Health Networks

45 Rockefeller Plaza, 630 Fifth Avenue
Suite - 2300
New York, NY  10111

AIRPORT HEALTH STATION MEDIA is your ticket to a unique sponsorship and advertising opportunity. Your brand will be associated with a beneficial consumer health service that enhances the dwell time for passengers in the airport.

The Health Station provides self-service, non-invasive testing of vital biometrics, educating consumers to, "know their numbers, test and compare their numbers.” 

How It Works: Health Stations engage passengers by providing a quick three minute health check up along with a print out of the results. Testing includes Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat Index (BFI), Weight and Pulse – all indicators of cardiovascular health. Health Station Media Advertising options include: 10 second video advertisements on the Top Screen (as part of a one-minute loop), static digital images on the touch screen during testing and branding of the printed results.

Present USA locations include Boston, Massachusetts, and San José, California, airports. The North American rollout adds Kansas City, Jacksonville, Detroit, Oakland and other notable airports in early 2014.

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