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Brandbumps Marketing Group, Inc.

2551 Parmenter Street
Middleton, WI  53562

Like farm fields left unplanted, the walkways outside retailers are being wasted. Upon those walkways lies the untapped potential for increased brand awareness and promotional opportunities. Brandbumps can unlock that potential.

BrandBumps™ introduces a worldwide first in ADA‐compliant detectable warning panels (DWPs): a unique, patent-pending imaging process that allows retailers to transform government‐required DWPs from the mundane to the spectacular.

Our branded DWPs still serve the practical purpose for which they were intended – providing tactical warning to the 21 million Americans whose vision is either drastically impaired or completely absent. That keeps the facilities guys happy. But now, they serve a purpose for the other 94% of the country…and this is where the marketing folks get excited.

Put your logo on them. Put a vendor’s logo on them. Put a picture on them. Keep ‘em there for a week or a month or a year. Switch ‘em out in 3 minutes. Sustain one promotion in the Northeast and another in the Midwest. Throw a QR code on it for couponing or brand messaging at the point of sale and you have instant measurability. Own the medium that in store/shopper marketing (shelf‐talkers and end‐aisles) and traditional out of home media simply can't measure up to.

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Outdoor Advertising Association of America Geopath for Media Measurement

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