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OTR Media Group

40 Fulton Street
6th Floor
New York, NY  10038

OTR Media is a full service outdoor advertising company now in its 2nd decade of operation. We offer bulletins, wallscapes and spectaculars in prime locations covering in the New York City market and continuously expand our locations. 

We also specialize in providing media sales and billboard maintenance. Throughout our years of operation, we have gained immense experience in the outdoor process from sales and business development to client service and administration. Our creative department is utilized for those occasions when advertisers require assistance in developing high impact designs. OTR has a dependable record for bringing innovative outdoor media to the NYC market as well as employing many inventive ideas. 

We strongly believe in building lasting relationships property owners and clients alike. We look forward to working with you for all of your future outdoor advertising needs. 

Our staff provides consistent, timely and accurate service to our advertisers. Booking, charting, routing, billing and proof of performance are done on time and virtually mistake free. An easy going friendliness and a willingness to go above and beyond your expectations bring ease of use to our clients while utilizing the unparalleled medium of outdoor advertising. 

Real Estate and Location Development 
Our locations are placed to deliver maximum visibility on critical roadways. Our locations are developed with much thought regarding audience exposure and retention. Expertise in location acquisition, permitting and development is perhaps the hallmark of OTR. 

Our billboards and personnel deliver consistent, proven results that provide the most effective and economical market penetration possible. We provide an important and unequalled asset to advertisers and the communities that we serve. 

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