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Barnes Advertising Corp

1580 Fairview Rd
Zanesville, OH  43701

Our Boards are sold on a 30 day basis up to 24 months. Two costs are involved....

Space Cost - This is the amount charged for rental of a sign location. Rates vary by County and multiple board discounts apply.

Production Charges - This is the cost to produce the advertising material to be displayed on the Billboard. 30 sheet posters or vinyl wraps may be applied.

30 Sheet Poster - Paper product designed to last 30 days. Best for high impact campaigns or "showings" (multiple boards up at once) Can be changed regularly to introduce new products or services. Digitally printed and can include photos and multiple colors.

Vinyl Wrap - Digitally printed Heavy Weight Vinyl product, designed to last one year. Best used for twelve month programs, long term name recognition. Can be rotated to different locations for greater impact. Can be stored and reused.

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