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PO BOX 4489
Downey , CA  90241-1489

Carteles is the largest provider of one sheets in the USA , with 25,000 locations in 39 different states. Carteles has been operating with the same owners for 25 years and takes pride in the product that they provide to the clients .

Carteles has exstensive coverage in all major markets and has the ability to offer general market programs such as a # 50 or # 25 showing as well as programs to do a deep dive into areas of the markets where no other out of home product can go .

When working with Carteles we have the abilty to provide coverage in zip codes or break it down to HHI or general market to AA or Hispanic as an  example . Carteles has the research and ablity to give you , the agency, the information to make a strong commitment to buying Carteles .

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