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Smart in the City

429 Lenox Avenue
Suite P-702
Miami Beach, FL  33139

Smart in the City has launched a new communication and marketing concept by advertising on our fleet of Smart fortwo cars (or others), proposing different sorts of packages to advertisers, depending on their needs and marketing goals:

  • Hosting Events: a fleet of Smarts wrapped with your personalized company/products/service ads.
    The Smart cars are driven by our carefully selected hostesses over a predetermined route where they will stop, distribute flyers, samples, menus etc. You can also get a 3D custom part attached to the Smart car, which will double your exposure (See our ad for pictures) The urban route is carefully chosen by both you and Smart in the City, according to the campaign's specific target. You can get a video of your campaign and hundreds of pictures! We will take care of everything for you. Everything is included in the package!
  • Solo Advertisers: independent sport car drivers driving for a month at least 800 miles all over Florida. Large exposure for a longer time. Good for nationwide companies.
  • Smart attitude:(Coming soon)
    Drive a brand new - leased Smart for two car, for its catalog price!


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