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SecurityPoint Media

11201 Corporate Circle North
Suite 120
St. Petersburg, FL  33716

SecurityPoint Media (SPM) is the leader in airport security checkpoint advertising and the innovator of the SecureTray System®. This integrated system provides an end-to-end solution that reduces security wait times by 16% for travelers, while delivering a high-impact advertising opportunity. SPM places advertising in security trays in 41 airports across the US, including 17 of the top 25 markets.  Travelers are required to place their belongings in a SecureTray, guaranteeing that your brand message will be seen.  Ad recall scores average 69.5%. The SecureTray system has been tested and evaluated by the TSA and the National Safe Skies Alliance and validated with successful implementation and ongoing success at major U.S. airports, reaching over 1 million unique travelers per day.

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Outdoor Advertising Association of America

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