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Hutchinson, KS  67501

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Visit Montana Truck
2012-2015 Montana Tourism Campaign hits Times Square and Tri-State area for 3 years
Video coverage of the PR event: Youtube Video
Get an inside look at our printing system: Youtube Video

Consumer products, public awareness, tourism, and so much more can gain from our unique blend of benefits, including:

  • Nationwide and/or Market wide coverage and saturation at spot placement prices
  • Don't have to own your own fleet of trucks, use ours
  • No skipping! Not like DVR, radio, online ad skipping and Youtube
  • Our technology picks only the top performing units for advertising
  • GPS tracking and monthly proof of performance reports provided
  • We leverage our custom technology to match advertiser needs with the right units
  • Can be assigned to support your special event
  • Quick 4 week turnaround from proof to pavement, in house printing/installation, no subcontractors
  • Nationally backed, consortium of partners with specific specialties
  • More unique views from drivers, unlike a billboard where the same people drive by daily
  • Visible from a 330 degree field of view, not just one side
  • 80% of drivers believe what is advertised on a truck is what's inside, "Lottery truck"?
  • 3D box shape offers ultra-creative graphics adaptions
  • What's in the trailer? You have the ability to disguise trailers and play with people’s minds
We encourage you to be super-creative, no extra charge for having super-creative art!

2014 Land of Lincoln Health Campaign hits Chicago
LLH Truck

2014 Montana Health Co-op Campaign reaches the entire state of Montana
MHC Truck

2012 Fox News open for business in Cleveland
FOX Truck

2012 Fort Hays State University campaign hits Kansas City
FHSU Truck

Actual potential coverage for ONE month
U.S. designate market areas 2012

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Outdoor Advertising Association of America

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