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Roberts Media

4175 Cameron Street, Suite B-10
Las Vegas, NV  89103

Roberts Media Network is a global media company that focuses on delivering the Avid Sports Fan to Brands and Ad Agencies. Roberts Media Network sells the Avid Sports Fan as a Sponsorship opportunity. Our network delivers the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Western Europe on multiple advertising platforms.

What makes us truly unique is that we offer multiple platform Sponsorships to a hyper targeted consumer. We deliver 100% of our audience because our events and locations are the sole purpose of the audience's visit. We allow the sponsor to own the Avid Sports Fan's actual space. We are in thier home on the Dish Network, on thier mobile devices, in thier print publications, we are the screens at the bars they go to, the screens in the Casinos they visit, the screens in the racetracks they bet at.

We also provide the Avid Sports Fan with live Video streaming and Replays on the website they go to as well as on thier mobile phones and smart devices.

We partner with top Brands to meaningfully engage the audience.  We offer Strategic alliances, promotional partnerships, co-branding initiatives, experiential, affinity and social marketing. We help Brands and Advertisers optimize their investment by delivering ROI though Activation programs.

We make emotional connections between Brands and the Avid Sports Fan. We drive long term behavior, make new connections, new relationships and create new business. We maximize results, leaving a lasting impact and deliver ROI.

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