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Increase the viewership of your ads with daily feeds of news, sports, entertainment, weather, trivia, financials and infotainment

 Screenfeed offers licensed feeds of content for digital signage that grabs the attention of your viewers. Content channels are specifically built for digital signage – segments are kept short and updated frequently to keep your screens showing fresh content.  If you have regular viewers in a given campaign expanding months, why would they continue to look at your advertisement on a screen or billboard day after day? Give them a reason with that day’s trending story about Adele or inform them of events in their area that correlate with your brand. 
Screenfeed is the DOOH industry leader in providing licensed content to networks all over the world.  Our content is relevant to all DOOH categories including (but not limited to) billboard, hospitality, retail, transit, office, entertainment, education, recreation, and health.
All of our content is available individually by monthly subscriptions.  Pick and choose what works best with your current marketing campaign strategy and target market and then put your account on hold until you’re ready to start up again.  We also have the ability to customize our content, overlaying branding and messages that support your campaign objectives.

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