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Drake Hill Road
Strafford, NH  03884

Dasher Media can bring you into the heart of the action with on-site media and sampling opportunities within over 1250+ upscale community skating rinks in virtually each of the top 200 DMA's across the nation.

Dasher Media offers a full range of innovative media and merchandising options as well as the traditional 8' Dasher Boards. We offer a captive lifestyle based communications medium which assures that your campaign cannot be missed.

Community Hockey Rinks are a central recreational facility for active families and local communities during the winter months. Your brand message will be at the center of this captive and focused environment.

Our network is one of the largest reach media vehicles specifically delivering on upscale suburban family audience - with some 300+ million visits delivering some 2.5 billion impressions annually.


  • Average Annual Traffic of 350,000
  • "Hockey Moms” or adults ages 25-49 with active children 18 & under
  • Captive Audience: Visits typically last 1.5-2 hrs with frequency as high as multiple times per week
  • Median Household Income: $100,465

We offer advertising and exposure possibilities such as:
  • Branded 8’ Dashers Boards
  • Branded Rafter Banners
  • Branded Under Ice Logos
  • Ice Resurfacer Graphics
  • Lobby Signage & Literature Racks
  • On-site Sampling
  • Retail Tie In

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