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Edwards Outdoor Advertising

PO Box 220417
Newhall, CA  91322

Edwards Outdoor Signs was established in 1964 with one goal in mind. We wanted to design and produce quality signs and graphics.

Your company's identity is often the first impression the public has of your business, yet many people make the mistake of allowing inexperienced individuals, with little or no graphic training, produce their signage or layouts. The result has been hard to read, boring signs and ads that completely fail to communicate the message you wanted to promote in the first place. A poor bargain at any price!

We do things a little different. We want to get to know you and your business. What image do you wish to promote? What kind of clientele are you trying to reach? What size should the graphic be to be read at the distance your intended reader is located? If traffic is passing, how much time will they have to read your sign? What will get noticed in a magazine or newspaper? What is a eye stopping business card?

We understand all these questions along with the importance of color, letter style, & composition, which can all be manipulated to produce head turning signs and layouts. Computers are wonderful tools in the hands of experienced artists, but it is just a tool and without a working knowledge of layout and design fundamentals, the result is often an ugly design. We learned our trade the old fashioned hard work. Sure, we have all the new hi-tech toys, but it is our knowledge and experiences that have made our signs and designs stand out from the crowd.

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