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Financial Times

1330 Avenue of the Americas
Floor 8
New York, NY  10019

The FT is one of the world’s leading business news and information organisations, recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy.

The FT reader is the wealthiest reader in the world. Now, more than ever, luxury brands need to be seen by the most affluent pair of eyes, not the aspirational.

The FT audience profile remains extremely influential, senior and affluent - profiling best in comp set against: HHI, Net Worth, Liquid Assets, C-suites, Business Decision Makers, Front of Plane Travelers, and much more.


"I read the Financial Times before other people read the Financial Times. Now it's trendy and everybody carries around a Financial Times." - From an FT interview with President Obama (March 2009)

"The FT is the leading source for daily international news". - Warren Buffet

“I read the Financial Times pretty much every day and also The Economist. I do watch what’s happening on the stock market.” - Elle Macpherson
The Mail on Sunday, 25th February 2007

"A part le Financial Times, je ne lis plus la presse depuis des années." (Translation: “Apart from the Financial Times, I haven't read the press for years.”) – Gwyneth Paltrow Interview with L'Express Magazine, November 2008

Time’s Curious Capitalist Blog: Is the FT eclipsing the WSJ as the definitive business paper?


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