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Market Tech Media

2222 Sedwick Road
Durham, NC  27713

The time has come for you to maximize your advertising dollars. You don't have to be an expert to get the most out of your advertising. Utilize our staff to provide you with a marketing solution that will grow your business. Market Tech Media Corporation is the leader of grocery store advertising with products such as Adcart and Register Tape. We are here to help grow your business for pennies a day.

Reaching thousands of potential customers in your market area over the years, Market Tech Media Corporation has been a pioneer in the development of advertising distributed through supermarkets. We have made this choice because we know that everyone in the neighborhood will see the advertisers featured on our products.

The average shopper includes men, women, and children of every age. They are the American consumers who drive our economy and make key buying decisions in the selection of restaurants, auto service, gyms, salons, dry cleaning, homes, cars, education and a wide range of other products and services.

Our Register Tape product puts beautifully designed four color coupons on the back of register tape in your local supermarket... Register Tape is the only product that actually puts your coupon right into your customer's hands.

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