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Step On Media Corp.

200 North 14 St.
Brooklyn, NY  11249

Step On Media Corp, is revolutionizing the advertising industry by changing the way that advertisers reach consumers with their messages…


Step On Media Corp, goes where no one has gone before, due to the fact that we are a niche out of home agency we help you reach the right audience, because our platforms and marketplaces are so diverse and unique we can efficiently reach the best audience for your brand, By using our data base of 1800  high foot traffic areas, which includes Malls, Theaters, Airports, Transportation Hubs, and placing advertisement on the floor, steps, escalators, parking structures, we can drive your campaigns to greatest results. At Step On Media Corp. continuous learning isn't about human optimizers trying to keep track of notebooks, white boards and spreadsheets full of best practices. Instead we learn something once and then automate it forever after.

We are opening up an entire new world of advertising possibilities right under the consumer’s feet! Our company, Step On Media Corp. manages over 1800 locations throughout the USA. Step On Media Corp does not place ads in traditional spaces, we place ads in areas which have never been placed before, Our company currently manages a portfolio of 1800 high traffic locations, which includes Shopping Malls, Theaters, Airports, we are adding every day more locations to our portfolio, were expected to manage 2500 locations by December of 2011, so far exposure will reach 2 billion set of eyes by year's end, as you can see were all about finding niche marketing opportunities, because we take our clients where the consumers are, we are hoping that our company can partner with you.

Step On Media Corp. is the only company to recognize this enormous opportunity and an untapped market. Using our proprietary technology, Step On Media Corp. has developed a durable process and meets the Advertisers' requirements.
Step On Decals™ Bright, eye-catching floor posters - decals - so called "billboards on the floor"- are unusual way to present and promote your brand new product, service or just to show off with your new brand name logo!
Step On Decals™  have many applications including sponsor advertising, branding opportunities, promotional purposes, directional guidance, conveying safety messages and point of purchase signage. Uses include motorsports, running & cycling races, festivals, concerts, parades, tradeshows, extreme sports events, skateboard parks, sidewalks, concession areas, grocery aisles, parking lots, in factories, on golf cart paths, pool bottoms, stadium stair risers and more.

Our staff has experience in design, advertising, marketing. Step On Media has grown by hiring and training talented designers, installers and staff to become one of the most well regarded companies in this business. And the hands-on experience to handle the growing demand, we have earned the respect of top ad agencies nationwide with high profile advertising projects.

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