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LURE Outdoor

811 Lexington Ave
Floor 3
New York, NY  10065

LURE Outdoor owns & operates a network of legally permitted outdoor advertising displays, providing advertisers the opportunity to penetrate neighborhoods and/or demographics where traditional billboards may be restricted or not permissible due to zoning or space restrictions.
Our advertising panels, Eye-Level Billboards, allow for interchangeable formats, offering clients the flexibiiity to buy our locations as dedicated wildposting (with posters) or as bulletins (with traditional billboard vinyl).
Our modular framing system gives us the abililty to make larger signs out of smaller panels. We link multiple side by side panels together by just simply removing or adding upright or horizontal modular sections.  Positioned on some of the busiest thoroughfares, our signature polished frames grip ads around the edges, creating sharp, clean mega-canvases.

Another LURE creation, Street Sheets are transit sized displays which utilize the power of retail windows, transforming them into dynamic ad spaces.  Our Premiere Street Sheets are large format windows, allowing for three or more shelter size posters and/or one large vinyl.

Lastly, our Street Sheets are our exclusive "reach vehicle!"  Street Sheets bring higher impact, eye-level, legally compliant ad spaces to the clutter-free neighborhoods that advertisers want but could never reach.  Quite simply, the ultimate targeting tool complementing any media plan with must-have geography.

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