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Screenreach is a mobile technology company whose unique digital media platform allows anyone to create real time, two way interactive experiences between a smart device - through the Screach Application - and any content on any screen, or within the mobile device itself.  Using Screach, the smart phone can become a game controller, quiz answer pad, voting and polling tool, bingo card or a roulette table – the possibilities are limited by imagination alone.

The Screach platform allows you to engage with consumers through the Screach app. By using Screach, consumers have the power to interact with your content and become a part of it.  Brands across the globe have already begun utilising the Screach platform to make their content interactive and engaging. Screach gives advertisers the opportunity to engage consumers through the most relevant platform for them – their mobile device.

The Screach platform not only enables you to have a two way conversation with consumers, it also lets you continue that conversation across multiple platforms. Engage with consumers through their TVs, radios, digital signage and simply within the Screach app through social and location based content.  While your consumers enjoy this, you can run the Screach profiling to learn more about them and how they interact with your brand and also generate revenue by allowing others to advertise through your experience or by offering users coupons and rewards.

World recognised brand, Newcastle United Football Club, used the Screach platform to enable fans to vote for their man of the match in real time for the first time ever. They were able to profile users and also offer them discounted merchandise and memberships.

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