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Long Haul Trucking

6600 Jansen Ave NE
Albertville, MN  55301

Long Haul Trucking, Inc is a first-class fleet service based out of the greater Minneapolis that operates all lower 48 U.S. States as well as Canada.  Our trucks are the best in class and will stand out while on the road, or strategically parked for an event.  LHT's fleet makes such a visual impact on the road that you cannot help but take notice.  Long Haul's trailer advertising has some distinct advantages over traditional roadside advertising.  The biggest different in your increased exposure, and it's much more economical.  A Long Haul trailer advertisement will save up to 85% over traditional billboards, and get you more exposure.  Advertise with Long Haul and bring your brand awareness to a new level. 
"Long Haul Trucking - Running on the Power of Promises Kept"

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