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Mayim Enterprises

6451 Bellaire Ave
North Hollywood, CA  91606

Advertisers now have the unique privilege of being able to market to the beach demographic in Los Angeles, almost on the sand, "an opportunity not put into action before". We offer Eye-Level Targeted outdoor prime real estate for advertisers, on beautiful, durable plastic back-lit transparent front panels as well as the side panels of these vending machines for captured exposure. These highly visible posters are “plexi-glass framed “hi-definition graphic similar to bus stops seen throughout Los Angeles.

Mayim Enterprises was awarded rights by the Los Angeles County Beaches and Harbors to make available for advertisers 100 frontal and 200 side panels via our Vending Units and we are approaching 50% deployment at this time.

Mayim Enterprises is the sole vendor of healthy beverages for the beaches of Los Angeles County. Our beverage vending machines are placed right along the 21-mile “Strand” visible to thousands of cyclists, runners, walkers and rollerbladers, as well as boardwalks, adjacent to beach parking lots, picnic areas and beach restrooms (highly frequented buildings with the showers attached). Strategic placements line the County coastline, serving a demographic of over 60 million viewers a year!  Additionally, there are hundreds of beach functions, some private, others sponsored via the County, such as camps for children and adults, concerts and sport competitions which occur throughout the year.

For more information, call 818-262-8219.


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