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View Chicago, LLC

430 W Erie St
Suite 510
Chicago, IL  60654

View Chicago is Chicago’s neighborhood billboard company.  We know and appreciate the value of all OOH, especially traditional billboards, but what we deliver is access to Chicago’s NEIGHBORHOODS.  The neighborhoods, not the airport, bus stop or highway, are where people live, eat, drink, work, play, shop, sleep and spend…and so it’s inside the neighborhoods where we own and operate some of the best sign locations in all of Chicago. 

From Bucktown to Bridgeport, Lakeview and Lincoln Park to Lawndale, we offer complete neighborhood coverage and the ability for an advertiser to cover them all or pinpoint the exact neighborhood or even block that offers them their ideal audience.  Chicagoans, perhaps more than residents of almost any other city, identify with and take pride in their neighborhood.  With over 200 locations across more than 40 distinct neighborhoods, we can weave your brand seamlessly into the fabric of Chicago.

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